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Bringing Your Vision to Life

Whether selecting flowers for the Bride’s bouquet or designing and staging the entire floral scene for your wedding, we customize every floral creation based upon the vision you have for your event. Starting with our Initial Consultation, we will discuss the mood, look and feel that you want for your wedding. We will explore ideas and offer suggestions to make your day extra special and then follow up within a short time with a written estimate.

Floral Tasting

One of the many details that sets Andrew’s Garden apart from other wedding florists is our Floral Tasting. Our brides have told us this is one of the most amazing experiences in all of their wedding planning.

After you have hired Andrew’s Garden to provide your wedding flowers, we will meet with you either at our shop or at one of our wholesalers for a behind-the-scenes stroll through the myriad of exotic flowers and plant material available. The Floral Tasting gives you an opportunity to see, touch and smell representative samples of the fresh flowers planned for your wedding. It will also give us an opportunity to make adjustments to your flowers and review the final details for your special day.


When should I contact you about my wedding?
We schedule a limited number of full-service events each week so that we can give each event the attention it deserves. We often book weddings 9 to 12 months in advance, so it is important to reserve your wedding date as early as possible. September and Octoberhave become our busiest wedding months and our schedule fills up quickly.
Do you book only full-scale weddings or can I order only personal flowers?
Full-scale weddings generally include personal, ceremony and reception flowers. We are also happy to provide only personal flowersif you have made other arrangements for your reception décor. Although it may be a smaller order, we still recommendbooking your personal flowers as early as possible.
How do I reserve my wedding date?
We require a Date Reservation Agreement and a deposit of $250.00 to reserve your date for a 30-day period while we work on your proposal and finalize a contract. The Date Reservation Deposit will be applied to the cost of your wedding flowers and may be refundable under some circumstances.
Do you charge for an initial consultation?
There is no charge for our initial consultation. At our initial consultation, we will discuss your vision of the colors, textures and mood that will set the stage for your wedding day as well as your wedding party size, venue, personal style and traditions.
What should I bring to an initial consultation?
Please bring any photos or other inspiring materials that you feel may be helpful. If you have a Pinterest board for your wedding, please share it with us so we can better understand your dream wedding.
I have heard about your Floral Tastings – what does that mean?
Once you have booked your wedding with Andrew’s Garden, we will schedule a Floral Tasting at either our shop or at a local floral wholesaler. The Floral Tasting is designed to give you an opportunity to see, touch and smell representative samples of the fresh flowers included in our design for your wedding. The Floral Tasting will also give us an opportunity to make adjustments and review the final details for your special day. The Floral Tasting is not intended to provide mock-ups or samples of actual arrangements but we can always make arrangements to do so.
Do you have packages? How much do you charge for weddings?
All of our weddings are designed to meet the specific personality and needs of our clients, so we do not have packages. The cost of floral designs for a wedding will vary dramatically depending on the size of wedding party, the number of reception tables and the scale of floral impact that you are seeking. If you have a firm budget in mind, it is helpful to let us know ahead of time so that we can do our best to meet your needs. We will offer suggestions during the planning process to maximize your budget.
Do you have a minimum fee for weddings?
We do not have a minimum fee for weddings. Smaller events can be exceptionally beautiful and we are happy to discuss your specific needs.